Flower Horn fish has many fanciful names given to it but all in all it is a new hybrid strain originating from the cichlid...

I hope this is Usefull. These are the common names used when classifying a FH. They are...

ZZ = Zhen Zhou 

JK = Jing Kang

Kamfas = Jin Hua  aka Golden Flower

GM = Kamalau or Golden Monkey


Below are what peep usually uses in talking among Breeders and Hobbyists alike.

ZZ= Zhen Zhu

zzml= ZZ malua


RD= Red Dragon

POTO= Pearl of the Orient

RC= Red Crystal

RG= Red General

SDK= Super Dragon King

RPD= Red Pearl Dragon

TB= Tunder Bolt

SP= Super Pendian

RD= Rainbow Dragon

FD= Fiery Dragon 


BD= Blue Dragon

BCD = Blue  Comet Dragon

DBD= Diamond Blue Dragon

BFD= Blue Face Dragon

KB= King Baccara

EM= Eastern Maiden

OGD= Oriental Green Dragon

GFF= Golden Fire Face



SRS = Super Red Shock

RM=Red Monkey

RS= Red Shock

JH= Jin Hua

RK= Red Kamfa

OK= Orange Kamfa

OP=Oriental Phoenix

RP=Red Phoenix

RBK=Rainbow King

HBK=Hell Boy Kamfa= Eastern Maiden X KKP

Buffalo= KKP+ RD = Kamfa bred by 65rivi

Kon Kamfa

King Kamfa

TK= Tan King



BP = Blood Parrot

KKP = King Kong Parrot

Mammon= High Quality KKP ( Happy Breed Farm)

Darmo= High Quality KKP ( Rarefish)



DD 2 = Desert Dynasty II
CGY = Colorful God of the Year
GD = Golden Dragon
JPG = Jing Ping Guo

DD2-desert dynasty2

JG= Jaded Griffin


Golden Monkey  ALSO called  KAMALAU
Kamalau is a Cantonese term which is the same as GM. In Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia, this term is commonly use among hobbyists.

GM = Golden Monkey 

Zhi Zhun malau= Supreme Golden Monkey

KGM = King of Golden Monkey

 MGM=Marine Golden Monkey

 MK= Metallic Kamalau

BKM= Blue King Monkey

DM= Diamond Monkey

KGM1 = King of Golden Monkey Generation 1

KGM2= King of Golden Monkey Generation 2

KGMF= King of Golden Monkey Flowerness

SML=SonMalau= New Generation GM


Names/ Breeds/Breeders/

Mr. Lori Chai aka LC of Ipoh, Perak  is one of the founder of the Huakok Strain which is the forefathers of the best breeds of flowerhorn = the Kamalau.

Mr. Lee Nguyen = King Lai ( Lai means mix in vietnamese )




SRT = Super Red Texas

RT= Red Texas


A RT or SRT ( Red Texas) is able to be produced by breeding a male green or blue texas and crossing it with a female such as Parrot, King-Kong, Mammon, Darmo, Flamingo, RED Devil, Redshock or Redsyn.

The most popular “Cross Breed” Cichlids in Thailand cannot be any breed except "Red Texas"

"Red Texas" is the Cichlids cross breeding between male green texas (Herichys Carpinte) which is originated in South America and female beautiful color fish such as Parrot, King-Kong, Flamingo, Redshock or Redsin. The charming of Green Texas is its luster scales which is called "Pearl"

Three major characteristics of Red Texas are as follows:-Red Texas

Shape: Red Texas is considered as huge structure fish. The mature Red Texas can have size up to 30 CMs. in length.
A nice Red Texas should have wide and thick body with straight fin which is perfectly match with the body.
Color: The most popular and expensive is Red. The next popular is Orangy-red.
Not all Red texas are red, and some might not even fade. There are  Red Texas in Red, Orangy-red, Yellow, and Pink. They could have these colors when they are faded.

Pattern: There are several types of pearls..

1. Delicate Pearl
2. Small Pearl
3. Big Pearl
4. Brain Pattern Pearl

Each pattern has sub-categories so pattern of each Red Texas is different. This is one of its charming characteristic that make Red Texas is so popular and make it differ from the other cross breed.
As Breeder always use Green Texas and color fish such as Red Parrot and Red Devil. Red Texas receives nice pearl from father and red color from mother.

However, one lot of babies can come out in two major colors:-
Green Flesh
This group receives more genetic from father. It will have nice pearl but its skins have none or less chance to peel off so it will not come out red. This color is not popular.

Red Flesh This has major genetic from mother so it has more chance in changing color. However, not every red flesh can change color into the red or orangey-red which is very popular. After the peel off period, the color may show in yellow or pinkish-white.

by KNT Farm

The Pearls is what makes a Red Texas unique and popular from other hybrids.