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Posted by FlowerhornRUS on March 12, 2012 at 8:55 PM
Greetings Valued Members/Staff

Here are some of the lastest activity we will be having on RUS. We do have some exciting stuff coming our way.. so dont miss out and please do come and check it out.


It's about time and its that time again...............................................

Come join us on a day filled with fun, food, raffle prizes and most importantly Flowehorn fish!! Raffle prizes from generous donations by: Hikari, Chingmix, Grand Sumo, Seachem, Jebo, Flowerhorns from Beyond, Aqua Craze, New Jersey Flowerhorns, Petzone San Diego, Lee Nguyen ( Lee Shop ), David Lu (Akara Aquarium Group) , and Chonburiman .

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For more information please see it here:


*Sun and Stars Flowerhorns*

Needing that special fish? maybe one or two to enter the next competition? Well your in luck, FHRUS sponsor Sun and Stars Flowerhorns got the goods you want. Many fish are up for sale and many more coming.

Alber will be getting David's shipment every 2 weeks so if anyone wants other kind of flowerhorns, let him know. To see what he got in stores feel free to check out our Community Sponsors section.

Please see here:


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* Also our members has some nice offerings too!!


*Next Potm?*

Congratulation Bro PokerHolics!!!!! for winning the latest POTM which was Breeder pair POTM.. now here is the latest POTM thread..

We are currently discussing on what is the nest Potm to play with, so feel free to come over and voice your opinions and ideas. Here is the thread. Thank you!

NEW POTM discussion thread:


*FHRUS GS Raffle numba 36!!*

Congratulation to bro FlyingEunos for winning The Biggest GS Raffle ever to date!! which was raffle number 34.

Please see here for more details:


Who will be our next Raffle winner? No one won Raffle number 34.. so you know what that means..well if you dont check the current one we are having.

Here is the detail, and to participate please see here:


* T-Shirt and Grand Sumo*

Many have asked us in the past, now its time to get them done. GS we always have, so they are here to stay and could be ordered any time. T-shirts will be our first, so as of now, we need your help. We would like your comments and ideas so we could better your need. Here is thread for this discussion.

Please see here:


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* Share on Facebook*

I understand that many in the world uses Facebook as a connection to friends, families and associates. So I went ahead and added a link for you to share all the threads that is important to you.

more info here,

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*FlowerhornRus Arcade*

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Thunder Arcade 3.0.2 is now up to DATE!! . Please bare with us for we will add more games as time goes.

For more details, please see here:



You may have seen similar statements across the internet today. These websites are making a stand and we will stand with them. The protest centers around two bills currently before the United States Congress. The first is the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) currently being debated in the House of Representatives. The second bill is the Protect IP Act (PIPA), which is due for debate in the US Senate.

To take the stand and for more info:


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*New Themes*

Just would like to make a quick announcement. Ive recently added some new themes for us to play with or choose...but as of now.. we gonna go with the Redux theme and is now modified.

Come and see what theme is best for you. some are still in the making

Here is the thread:


If any question or comments feel free to contact via pm/email FlowerhornRus. Thank you for your support!!

Lets have some fun in a Fishy Fish World!

Happy Fish Keeping/Posting,
Vanz aka Paintsn

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