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Posted by FlowerhornRUS on September 11, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Greetings valued Members/Staff

I'm Glad to see to that last contest went very smooth and well.. there was alot of nice juvies.. Well off to our next contest.. this was offered in the suggestion section to have a Breeder Pair..

Details are:

[b][color=#5a70b3]- We are looking a single shot of a pair that is of YOUR OWN.

- old breeders pics of your own, or current pairs you have is perfect

- Will require to send one picture showing both pairs

- Participants will need to send it to [big][color=#80a0ff][b] [email]FlowerHornRUs@aol.com[/email][/b][/color][/big] to qualify, and guaranteed confirmed entry

- only one entry per member

Prizes are:

- The winner will be compensated with 1 large bottle of Grand Sumo 550g, a New Product: HIGH CALORIE ADULT MAINTENANCE DIET which is best For Cichlids & Large Fish


- Receive an award placed under their screen name.

- The chance to change your MEMBER TITLE!!

- Your name will be on the Hall of Fame.

- Paticipants entries will be posted on the POLL section for voting as we have done in the past.[/color][/b]

[color=#ee4a2d][b]Entries will be Taken from NOW till [u][b]SEPT 20th[/b][/u] and will posted on the POLL from then till [u][b]OCT 15th[/b][/u] for voting.. Winner will be announce on or around OCT 16th.[/b][/color]

again members will have 50% count with a 50% count from 5 anonymous judges that will total 100%

Again here are some guidelines from bro [color=#9300C4][b]Mentat[/b][/color] on what to look for when snapping some shots.

[color=#ee4a2d]1) Fish should be healthy and in top condition.

2) Distractions other than subject fish should be eliminated or kept to a minimum (other fish, date-time stamps, tank equipment etc.).

3) Fish photographed should be in focus. Out of focus background is ok (depth of field limits) as long as subject is in focus.

4) Fish blurry by movement should be avoided.

5) Framing should include the whole fish in a natural pose. To cut-off the rear of fish detracts from overall picture balance.

6) Tank should be clean (algae, watermarks, etc.), specially the glass you are photographing through.

7) Camera lens should be clean.

8) Photo quality should be good. Observe how whole picture is composed, should be in harmony and pleasant to the observers eyes.

9) Light balance should be natural, not overtly blue or red.

10) Flash and other reflections should be avoided.[/color]

Further details will be posted if any.. feel free to pm/email or call me if any question. Good luck, lets make this a clean and smooth contest while also having some fish FUN and may the best wins!!

Best regards,

vanz aka paintsn

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