This is the Dad of our Flowerhorn.. the one that brought everyone into
this ADDICTION.. ha ha.. well when I start having him I did not know
anything about fh... even none of us... the thing was, I was treating him
as a normal gold fish ... I had him since he was about 1 inch... I
didn't pay any attention to him because when he grew up he was plain
and ugly.. no color.. he was just dark .. like ugly green dark..mud algae
lookin. Well until he started to have different colors... meaning it got
lighter and showed red on his body.. I started looking into it at the
Local F Store.. and found out it is a Fh a (flowerhorn??).. and also I
started getting into the internet and at first found out it was a very low
 grade ... which is considered highly (BUNK).. a throw away FH...
 true... every fh on the site had colors and A Head which is called a
kok....or hump.. and I started to find answers on how to raise it
better to show its full potential and started feeding it REAL FH food
instead of KOI fish food. I found out the differences that the fish I
 have was amazing if treated with lots of care with the knowledge of
raising a Fh properly..ask Mr. Sna-z who is a friend of mine, his fh which
are siblings from the same born mother and father..all his fish looks like know the ones at the store that sells for 99cents a pound...
 but with a lot of tlc these fish shows their appreciations... this fish is
the one that started me off with the bug, so therefore he is the FATHER.


This is one of the offspring's that came out of the Father.. this one is about 4- 5 inches , hump showing, nice body and fins and the other quality the straight flower line.

this one was the last Daughter of The Father, she is about 4 inches in this pic, nice flowerline and finnage, just look at that high top fin.. she also had a lil nice head on her too.

this one turned out to be a female it was
about 2 - 2.5 inches , nice flower line and
mostly the pearls were showing but sadly
she died due to (someone ) putting her
with a bigger fh..

This picture was taken on 6-1-06, this is the same offspring that is to the top
 picture. He is about 8 inches give or take tip to tip.Any resemblances to the FATHER??